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Evolving With Krystal J.

Sep 29, 2019

The episode is a bit late but what better day to talk about self-care than on #selfcaresunday ? 

Today, I'm getting real about self-care, my philosophy, a quick overview of the essentials to a self-care plan and five ways you can start prioritizing yourself today. 

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Sep 19, 2019

Today I'm talking about phrases that can help us to shift perspective. I explain how we can shift perspective and the benefits. 


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Sep 5, 2019

Today's interview is with Dope Therapist Josie Rosario.

She shares her healing journey, how she encourages others to heal through her therapy practice and on social media, her philosophy about self-care, and her new endeavor as a consultant for therapists. 

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Aug 29, 2019

On today's episode, I welcome my best friend, Charmaine Perry of Gray Matthews Project. Charmaine shares her healing journey and what she has discovered about herself as she explored spirituality, connected with God, and began using her gift of writing on her blog. 

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Aug 25, 2019

I'm recalling a recording I did at Miraval Resort where I attended a retreat with OmNoire in April 2019. Sharing my reflections after receiving the letter I wrote to myself almost four months ago. 

I encourage you to write the vision for the rest of the year and what you hope to accomplish and manifest in your life. Put...